Congress dodges exit polls – Are they conceding defeat to BJP?


As the seventh and final phase of the Lok Sabha election draws to a close, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is inching towards what could be a historic third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Amidst this electoral climax, a bold statement from the Indian National Congress has ignited a firestorm of political drama. Senior Congress leader Pawan Khera announced that his party would abstain from participating in exit poll debates, a move that has provided the BJP with a golden opportunity to launch a scathing critique of their main opposition.

BJP Claims Victory Before the Final Count

BJP chief JP Nadda and the party’s chief strategist, Union Minister Amit Shah, wasted no time in declaring that the Congress’s decision to skip exit polls was a clear admission of defeat. In a fiery post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Amit Shah mocked the Congress, stating, “Congress has come to know about its huge defeat, so with what face will it face the media and the public now? Therefore, Congress is running away from the exit polls. I want to tell the Congress party not to run away, face the defeat and introspect.”

In a sensational development, Amit Shah mocks Congress for skipping exit polls as BJP anticipates a historic win.

In a sensational development, Amit Shah mocks Congress for skipping exit polls as BJP anticipates a historic win.

A Game of Political Chess

The BJP’s narrative is that the Congress is playing a game of hide and seek, avoiding public scrutiny when the odds are not in their favor. “It doesn’t behoove India’s Grand Old Party to behave like a child, whose toy has been taken away,” said Nadda in a charged post on X. He criticized the Congress for its lack of maturity and readiness to face unfavorable outcomes.

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Congress Stands Firm on Its Decision

In response, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera defended the party’s stance, emphasizing that engaging in speculation post-voting serves no constructive purpose. “The results will be out on 4th June. Prior to that, we do not see any reason to indulge in speculation and slugfest for TRP,” he asserted. Khera’s statement highlighted the party’s commitment to meaningful debate, stating they would participate in discussions post-results announcement.

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Implications for Voters in the Final Phase

The electoral drama has unfolded just as voters in seven states and one Union Territory prepare to cast their ballots for 57 seats. This final voting phase concludes the massive seven-phase process to elect the 19th Lok Sabha. Nadda’s parting shot to voters was poignant: “Their hypocrisy is not lost on anyone. Let no one in Phase 7 waste their votes on them.”

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The Congress’s decision to avoid exit polls might be seen as a strategic retreat, saving face before potential electoral disappointment. However, this move has also allowed the BJP to dominate the narrative, potentially swaying last-minute undecided voters. The political landscape is rife with tactics and counter-tactics, as both major parties vie for the upper hand.

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