Unmasking Delhi’s underworld: Police bust crime ring in high-speed tunnel heist


In a major breakthrough, Delhi Police have arrested seven individuals in relation to the armed robbery of a delivery agent and his associate inside the Pragati Maidan tunnel.

The perpetrators, identified as Usman, Irfan, Anuj Mishra, Kuldeep, Sumit, Pradeep, and Bala, reportedly relieved the victims of about Rs 2 lakhs on Saturday as they were en route in a taxi to Gurugram to deliver the money.

According to senior police officers, preliminary investigations indicate that the accused had carried out surveillance of the area on Thursday and Friday before executing the robbery on Saturday. The criminals strategically chose the Pragati Maidan tunnel for the heist, knowing that people usually do not stop in tunnels and tend to drive through at speed, thereby increasing their chances of success.

Pragati Maidan tunnel incident: Armed robbery leads to seven arrests

Pragati Maidan tunnel incident: Armed robbery leads to seven arrests. Photo courtesy of Diego Fabian Parra Pabon from Pixabay.

CCTV footage obtained by the Delhi Police captured four men on motorcycles intercepting the taxi. The victims, who were employed by Omiya Enterprises in Chandni Chowk, were then robbed at gunpoint.

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Usman has been identified as the primary conspirator in the Pragati Maidan tunnel robbery, sharing critical information with the other gang members. The 22-second CCTV clip vividly depicts the four men tailing the taxi on two motorcycles and stopping it inside the tunnel, even as other vehicles drove past.

The footage reveals two helmet-clad men dismounting from the motorcycles and brandishing their pistols. One approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, while the other targeted the rear door on the opposite side. The suspects of the Pragati Maidan tunnel robbery case swiftly absconded on their motorcycles after receiving a black handbag, believed to contain the stolen money, from the vehicle’s rear end.

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