Canada’s hidden secrets? Why India wants fewer diplomats now!


In a jaw-dropping move that has sent shockwaves across diplomatic circles, India has fired back, pushing Canada to slash its diplomatic presence in New Delhi. This explosive development follows a heated standoff between the two nations, ignited by Ottawa’s brazen accusation against India regarding the alleged killing of a Khalistani separatist on Canadian soil.

Canada’s Diplomatic Army: Too Big for Comfort?

Arindam Bagchi, the mouthpiece for the Indian External Affairs Ministry, has dropped a bombshell, emphasizing that Canada’s diplomatic troop size in India outnumbers India’s presence in Canada. New Delhi’s clear message? Balance the scales. Bagchi highlighted that the numbers need to match for a harmonious diplomatic relationship. While he anticipates a shrinkage from Canada’s end, he underscored New Delhi’s commitment to ensuring the security of foreign diplomats on Indian soil. In contrast, he expressed hopes that Canada would extend the same courtesy to Indian diplomats.

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Digital Threats and High Commission Concerns

As the temperature rises between the two nations, the Canadian High Commission dropped another revelation, shedding light on threats its diplomats have been receiving through social media channels. The Commission declared its proactive measures, making temporary adjustments to its staff presence to guarantee the safety of its diplomats in India amidst the ongoing diplomatic turbulence. The Commission is keeping its doors open and operational, and at the same time, has echoed a clear request to India: safeguard our diplomats.

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