BuDhaGirl ventures into wine world with sparkling new collection


BuDhaGirl, renowned for its All Weather Bangles, has announced an exciting expansion into the wine industry with the launch of BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines. This new venture introduces a premium selection of California Brut, Demi-Sec, and Sparkling Rosé, now available on the brand’s website and at select retailers. Founded in 2013, BuDhaGirl is a lifestyle brand that embodies the transformation of daily routines into meaningful rituals, a philosophy it aims to extend into the art of celebration with its sparkling wine collection.

The introduction of BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines is a testament to the brand’s dedication to mindfulness and the celebration of life’s moments, both big and small. Jessica Jesse, the founder and CEO of BuDhaGirl, emphasizes the importance of rituals as contemplative ceremonies that enhance presence and intentionality in daily life. “A vital element of the BuDhaGirl brand DNA is the focus on meaningful rituals and the benefits they bring to our lives,” said Jesse. She views the sparkling wine collection as a natural extension of BuDhaGirl’s ethos, offering a new way to instill values of joy and presence in celebrations.

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Crafted in Healdsburg by the esteemed California Sparkling Wine producer Rack & Riddle, BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines utilize the methode champenoise to achieve refined and lively bubbles. The Brut and Brut Rosé are sophisticated blends of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, while the Demi-Sec features primarily Chardonnay with a hint of Pinot Blanc. These wines are not only a sensory delight but are also presented in bottles that capture the essence of the BuDhaGirl spirit—feminine, strong, and mindful.

BuDhaGirl forays into wine world with sparkling new collection

BuDhaGirl forays into wine world with sparkling new collection. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

BuDhaGirl’s venture into the wine category represents more than just an expansion of products; it’s a continuation of the brand’s vision of Mindful Glamour. Beyond wine, BuDhaGirl plans to extend its philosophy through diverse products and experiences, promising new avenues for expressing gratitude and savoring life’s joys.

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BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines embody the tradition of Méthode Champenoise and are a celebration of the brand’s commitment to transforming everyday moments into meaningful rituals.

BuDhaGirl’s foray into the sparkling wine market is a brilliant example of brand expansion that stays true to its core values. By infusing the ritualistic and mindful approach that has defined its jewelry line into the wine category, BuDhaGirl offers consumers a unique opportunity to celebrate life’s moments with intentionality and presence. This innovative approach not only diversifies the brand’s portfolio but also sets a new standard for how lifestyle brands can extend their influence beyond traditional boundaries, promoting a lifestyle of mindfulness and celebration.

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