BRIA secures $24m in Series A for responsible visual generative AI


In a significant move within the tech industry, BRIA, renowned for its commitment to ethical visual generative AI, has successfully raised $24 million in Series A funding. The funding round was jointly led by GFT Ventures, Intel Capital, and Entree Capital, with notable contributions from Publicis Groupe, Getty Images, Samsung Next, IN venture (Sumitomo Corporation, Japan), Atinum Investment (South Korea), Z Venture Capital (LY Corporation, Japan), Mirae Asset Venture Investment, J-Ventures, among others. This strategic investment is set to bolster BRIA’s diverse generative capabilities, including advanced text-to-video facilities, while expanding its global operations and open platform for developers.

BRIA stands out in the tech landscape by enabling companies and developers to seamlessly integrate generative AI into products, solutions, or systems. With collaborations spanning the world’s leading stock image providers, BRIA manages over one billion licensed images, ensuring fair compensation for original creators through royalties. This approach not only respects copyright laws but also introduces a unique attribution engine to reward data owners.

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The significance of ethical considerations in AI development cannot be overstated, with consumer trust and legal compliance at the forefront. BRIA addresses these concerns by training its platform solely on licensed imagery, avoiding potential legal challenges related to public figures, trademarks, or privacy issues. This positions BRIA as a comprehensive solution in the face of increasing copyright infringement lawsuits and ethical scrutiny.

BRIA raises $24m in Series A round for responsible visual generative AI

BRIA raises $24m in Series A round for responsible visual generative AI

Dr. Yair Adato, CEO & Founder of BRIA, emphasizes the necessity for companies to develop AI outputs from ethical, unbiased sources, highlighting BRIA’s role in empowering businesses to scale operations and own their intellectual property. Jay Eum from GFT Ventures and Aravind “Avi” Bharadwaj from Intel Capital both praise BRIA’s mission and technology for setting a gold standard in commercial AI use, ensuring bias avoidance and legal compliance.

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As BRIA continues to innovate in visual generative AI, it upholds a vision of a sustainable economy that benefits all stakeholders, from data owners to end users. The company’s focus on no code/low code capabilities, alongside flexible access to pre-trained models, APIs, and SDKs, provides a competitive edge in creating visual content at scale.

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In summary, BRIA’s Series A funding marks a significant step forward in the evolution of visual generative AI, reinforcing the importance of ethical development, copyright compliance, and the empowerment of developers and businesses globally. With its cutting-edge technology and responsible approach, BRIA is poised to lead the future of visual AI innovation.

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