Alpha Cognition advances Alzheimer’s treatment with new patent filing


Alpha Cognition Inc. (CSE: ACOG) (OTCQB: ACOGF), a pioneering biopharmaceutical company in the development of novel treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, has recently taken a significant step forward in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The company announced the filing of a new composition-of-matter patent for ALPHA-1062, its leading drug candidate designed to treat mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s Disease, which is currently under review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This latest patent application, submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), aims to extend ALPHA-1062’s protection globally. It seeks to secure exclusive rights for an oral formulation of ALPHA-1062, based on unexpected findings from the company’s clinical trial efforts, underscoring the drug’s unique attributes. Upon approval, this patent would protect ALPHA-1062 until 2044, supplementing existing patents that extend through 2042.

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Michael McFadden, CEO of Alpha Cognition, emphasized the strategic importance of the patent filing: “Filing this patent application is an important component of our strategy to ensure broad protection for ALPHA-1062, a next-generation treatment option for patients suffering from mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. Grant of the patent will provide protection through 2044 in the United States, and will allow our team to maximize the potential that ALPHA-1062 holds for patients and healthcare providers.”

Alpha Cognition Inc. Files Composition-of-Matter Patent for Alzheimer’s Drug ALPHA-1062, Aiming for Protection Through 2044

Alpha Cognition Inc. Files Composition-of-Matter Patent for Alzheimer’s Drug ALPHA-1062, Aiming for Protection Through 2044

Alpha Cognition Inc. is committed to addressing the urgent need for new therapies in neurodegenerative diseases, focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and Cognitive Impairment with mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), areas currently lacking FDA-approved treatments. ALPHA-1062 represents a new class of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors with a unique mechanism that minimizes gastrointestinal side effects, setting it apart from existing treatments like donepezil and rivastigmine. Its active metabolite targets neuronal nicotinic receptors, particularly the alpha-7 subtype, which plays a crucial role in cognitive function.

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Additionally, ALPHA-1062 is under development in combination with memantine for more advanced stages of Alzheimer’s dementia and has shown promise in preclinical models for its intranasal formulation in preserving brain structure and enhancing recovery from moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This formulation is also being assessed for its protective effects against repeated mild TBI in studies supported by the US Department of Defense.

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The filing of this new patent by Alpha Cognition Inc. marks a pivotal moment in the development of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. The protection of ALPHA-1062’s unique formulation could significantly impact the landscape of Alzheimer’s therapy, offering a novel option for patients with mild-to-moderate forms of the disease. The extension of patent protection into 2044 highlights the long-term commitment of Alpha Cognition to innovate and provide sustainable solutions in neurodegenerative disease management. As ALPHA-1062 progresses through clinical trials and regulatory review, its potential to improve the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease remains high, underlining the importance of continued investment in neurodegenerative research and development.

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