Know foods for Nail health on how to fix split nails or cracked nails

Want to know how to fix split nails or cracked nails, then stop cutting your nails and consume these foods for maintaining your nail health.

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Are your nails in pale white colour instead of light pink, then you need to concentrate on your nails health if you find lines on your nails or if they are delicate.

nail care home remedies

nail care home remedies

Reasons for Split Nails: If you have split nails or cracked nails, it means that your body is losing vital vitamins and minerals or they are in low amount.

So to get rid of split nails, you need to consume protein rich food like seeds. The seeds make your nails healthy as they provide your body with essential fatty acids and Vitamins B complex that provides immunity. You can eat nuts like groundnuts, almonds, pista, cashew nuts etc.

Biotin is very healthy for nails. Consume these biotin rich foods like eggs, nuts, vegetables and green leafy vegetables, fruits and fishes.

If you consume fish, you have eat them thrice in a week and for vegetarians it is suggested them to include nuts and vegetables in their daily diet.

For healthy nails you have to consume dairy products like milk to get calcium and meat etc.
To prevent split or cracked nails, Vitamin A and Folic acid are essential For obtaining Vitamin A and Folic Acid, you need to consume green leafy vegetables and orange coloured fruits and vegetables.

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