Breville launches new juicer cum blender 3X Bluicer Pro

Breville has launched the 3X Bluicer Pro, priced at $399.95 to introduce a new beverage category called Bluicing, which mixes fresh juice with fresh blends with the same kitchen appliance.

The kitchen appliances brand said that until now consumers had to pick between a juicer and a blender or purchase both of them. However, with the 3X Bluicer Pro, they can not only juice but also blend more easily with a single appliance.

Furthermore, the 3X Bluicer Pro is claimed to make it easy to mix freshly extracted juice into blends, thereby enhancing the taste of the final beverage, while using more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Breville said that the 3X Bluicer Pro has a space-saving design that is made up of a base with interchangeable parts, that include a juicing chute that comes with an attachable pulp bin apart from a blending jug that also serves as a carafe for juicing.

The 3X Bluicer Pro can be purchased at US specialty retailer Williams Sonoma and at Breville’s website.

3X Bluicer juicer cum blender from Breville

3X Bluicer juicer cum blender from Breville. Photo courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Breville.

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