Blisters : Causes and Treatment

English: Blister on medial foot caused by wear...

English: Blister on medial foot caused by wearing thongs/flip flops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Causes of Blisters:

Blisters may be due to allergy, fungal infection or sunburn, which commonly appear on the feet because of the friction of the shoe or of hosiery which does not fit properly.

A water blister is a collection of lymph that forms inside the upper level of the skin. A blood blister goes down deeper and contains some blood released from the broken capillaries. A normal amount of walking in shoes and hosiery which fits comfortably results in blisters. If the blisters appear, protect them from further friction by using sterile bandage strip.

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Treatment for Blisters:

A blister which causes acute pain when walking has to be treated as follows: Clean the area with soap and water and pat it dry and swab it with rubbing alcohol. Sterilize the tip of the needle in a flame, allow it to get cooled a little, then puncture the edge of the blister and absorb the liquid with a sterile gauze.

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The loose skin is to be removed with manicure scissors after sterilisation by boiling for 10 minutes.

The surface of the raw skin should be then covered with an adhesive bandage. This procedure is done during bed time so that healing begins before wearing the shoes again. If redness appears around the area of any blister and inflammation appears to be spreading, a doctor should be consulted promptly.

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