Temporary Memory Loss (Amnesia) and Ways to Overcome It

Temporary Memory Loss and Ways to Overcome

Temporary Memory Loss and Ways to Overcome

What is Temporary Memory Loss or Amnesia and its Causes?

Mild and temporary memory loss or forgetfulness is characterized by one’s incapacity to recollect the names or certain information suddenly and also known as ‘Amnesia’ is a common problem in old people over 50 years. It commences from the age of 40-50 years and gradually increases.

Though it is not a serious problem it hinders in things getting done. Forgetfulness of names or places is a common experience in most of the people affected with this. The names cannot be recollected quickly at that moment and later they will be recollected. It causes some inconvenience and worry among the affected people.

In young age the physical and mental conditions will be strong and the body condition will be highly energetic. All the nerve cells function normally and the impulses will be good. As the age advances the nerve cells slowly undergoes degeneration and they lose certain functions in carrying the messages from the brain. This results in temporary memory loss.

Another cause for temporary memory loss is also attributed to stress and anxiety. In such conditions the body cannot respond efficiently causing forgetfulness. Temporary memory loss can also occur due some diseases like thyroid dysfunction, influenza which effect body’s physiological functions. A new study also revealed that menopausal women also undergo temporary loss. Lack of interest on a particular matter or thing and doing work in a casual way also leads to forgetfulness. Women have slightly better memories than men since they pay more attention to their surroundings.

How to overcome this transient memory loss?

  • To remember a name of a person or place it is a good thing to repeat the names several times before going to them or the place.
  • When you want to recollect a name or some matter shift your thinking and divert from that matter. Slowly you can recollect it of its own accord.
  • When you want to remember keep the names or place written on a paper and keep it on a prominent place.
  • Sometimes people open a cupboard or door of a room and cannot recollect what they want to do. It happens to several people and the best way to recollect it is to go back to the original place. Slowly you will recollect it.
  • Any treatment options available for temporary memory loss
  • Ginkgobiloba, Caffeine, a good sleep, and exercise are said to boost up the memory. Control stress by Yoga, meditation which will improve the memory by improving the general condition of the body.
  • Alternate treatments in Homeopathy and Ayurveda are also available for treating this condition.

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