Barrell Craft Spirits launches three limited editions of whiskies and rum

Drinks industry news : Barrell Spirits, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has launched three new spirits, which includes two whisky products and a rum product under the Barrell Craft Spirits range.

The whiskey and rum spirits manufacturer says that it has worked on the new Barrell Craft Spirits range for three years while adding that the barrels harvested for the limited release this fall were picked for their refined properties and excellent flavor profile.

The new spirits launched by the independent bottler are Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon, Barrell Craft Spirits Whiskey and Barrell Craft Spirits Rum.

Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon is a said to be a complex blend of 15-year-old straight bourbon whiskeys, which have been bottled at peak maturity.

Barrell Craft Spirits line

Barrell Craft Spirits launches its Barrell Craft Spirits line. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Barrell Craft Spirits Whiskey is a 25-year old American whiskey with a finishing in Sercial Madeira barrels. On the other hand, Barrell Craft Spirits Rum is a complex blend of vintage rum ranging from 13 to 21 years old, which have been sourced from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica.

Barrell Craft Spirits recently won the Best Whiskey of the Year 2018 by Whiskey reviewer Fred Minnick in Forbes.

Joe Beatrice – Founder of Barrell Spirits said: “After three years in the works, I am thrilled to release our Barrell Craft Spirits line. Our intent was to blend a set of spirits — each defined by perfect and absolute balance, with deep flavor layering.

“The barrels harvested for these special releases were individually selected for their refined properties and unique flavor profile. We bottled at cast strength so that you can experience the depth of character and their extraordinary flavors.”

Barrell Crafts Spirits is a manufacturer of unique aged, cask strength sourced whiskey and rum spirits which are blended through various distillation methods, barrels and go through aging environments. Every spirits batch is manufactured as a limited release with a distinct flavor profile.

Barrell Crafts Spirits’ line of products is sold currently across 42 states in the US. During the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Barrell Crafts Spirits bagged several awards such as the Best Bourbon, Best Small Batch Bourbon, Double Gold and Best Over Proof Rum.

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