Apollo Cancer Hospital launches Tomotheraphy for high-end cancer care


Apollo Cancer Institute in Hyderabad launched a highest precision cancer care called as Tomotherapy.

Considered to be the latest innovation in high-end cancer care treatment, Tomotherapy is the second equipment in India.

Tomotherapy is done by mounting a CT Scanner that enables precise Cancer treatment.It helps in confining the radiation dose to the tumour based on its shape. The other advantage of tomotherapy is that it is noninvasive and painless too like an x-ray.

The instrument is designed in a unique way and helps in treating various kinds of cancer from simple to complex ones and also from head to toe.

Apollo Cancer Hospital Hyderabad

Apollo Cancer Hospital Hyderabad

Apollo Hospitals Founder and Chairman Dr Prathap C. Reddy during the launch said: “We are bringing the next generation cancer care within the reach of our people, in keeping with the promise of offering same level of healthcare here as anywhere in the world. Also each one of us is unique and each patient has his unique signature disease, therefore only personalised treatment will give better cure and this is where Tomotherapy will make the difference.”

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The different cancers which can be treated using this technique are cancers of breast, rectal, lung, brain tumors and for craniospinal radiotherapy. These cancers can be treated with great precision with minimal side effects.

Tomotherapy delivers radiation directly to the affected site by innovative TomoHelical and TomoDirect methods that brings on manoeuvrability. The radiation reaches in a more controlled manner even to the unreachable areas with more accuracy, thus cause less harm to the healthy tissue.

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Apollo Hospitals Group Joint Managing Director Sangita Reddy said: This is a significant initiative in our quest to conquer cancer, Tomotherapy provides targeted therapy without harming the healthy tissue and can treat the most complex of the cancers, patients will recover fast too. Our single motive is to give Indians the best treatment available.”

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Treatment can be done for multiple tumors with this technique and patients can feel comfortable as it reduces the treatment time.

By this method, the doctor can assess the condition of the patient by monitoring and maintain the future treatment by seeing the past images from the previous sessions.

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