ANZ embarks on massive digital overhaul with HCLTech at helm


In an exhilarating move that promises to redefine digital landscapes, global technology giant, HCLTech, and banking heavyweight ANZ have amplified their partnership, unveiling a monumental engagement poised to metamorphose ANZ’s digital employee experience across a staggering 33 countries. This expansion of their partnership showcases HCLTech’s prowess in harnessing groundbreaking technologies such as extended reality, GenAI, and IoT-powered workspaces, setting a gold standard for immersive, sustainable, and inclusive digital workspaces for enterprises on a global scale.

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The ambitious project underscores ANZ’s unwavering dedication to prioritizing technology, reshaping the way they offer employee-centric services. “ANZ’s unyielding vision to harness technological innovations in delivering unparalleled employee services finds a perfect partner in HCLTech’s profound domain expertise. This alliance will propel us to new heights in our technological journey,” remarked Vinit Jha, the Domain Lead for Employee Experience at ANZ.

HCLTech and ANZ unite to drive digital revolution in employee experience

HCLTech and ANZ unite to drive digital revolution in employee experience. Photo courtesy of Donaldytong/Wikimedia Commons.

Echoing the sentiment, Michael Horton, the Executive President and Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand at HCLTech, expressed jubilation over the amplified collaboration. He emphasized the monumental scale of this engagement, heralding it as one of the region’s most ambitious digital workplace transformations and managed services initiatives. “Our enduring partnership with ANZ now embarks on a pivotal chapter, focusing on elevating digital experiences for both employees and patrons,” Horton elaborated.

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In this grand digital voyage, HCLTech is entrusted with the mission of bestowing ANZ with top-tier digital workplace services. This comprehensive suite encompasses state-of-the-art experience management across an array of end-user gadgets and applications, ranging from laptops and mobile phones to tablets, signaling a revolutionary overhaul in ANZ’s digital realms.

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