Lupin acquires five legacy brands, intensifies Indian pharma dominance


In a move that has set the pharmaceutical industry abuzz, global pharma titan Lupin Limited has revealed the acquisition of five key legacy brands, zeroing in on pivotal therapy areas like Gastroenterology, Urology, and Anti-infectives. This acquisition, inked with Menarini, encompassing both A. Menarini India Private Limited and A. Menarini Asia-Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd., includes esteemed brands such as Piclin, Menoctyl, Sucramal O, Pyridium, and Distaclor.

Notably, since July 2021, Lupin has been at the forefront of exclusively marketing these brands for the Indian audience, all under a tight-knit distribution and promotional accord with A. Menarini India Private Limited. This acquisition amplifies Lupin’s growth trajectory in India, leveraging these legacy brands to magnify its already expansive portfolio and further cementing its status as a dominant pharmaceutical force in the region.

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Lupin’s Managing Director, Nilesh Gupta, voiced his perspective on this monumental move: “Our acquisition seamlessly aligns with our strategic blueprint, accentuating our expansive footprint in the Indian market. Our overarching ambition remains, as always, to upscale our product offerings, maximizing value for our stakeholders and the larger community.”

Shedding light on the escalating demand in India, Rajeev Sibal, Lupin’s President – India Region Formulations, remarked, “The surging urbanization coupled with shifting dietary paradigms is spurring a pronounced demand for treatments in gastrointestinal and urology sectors. This acquisition is our strategic move to bolster our robust therapy offerings, steadfast in our commitment to fortify healthcare professionals in navigating the rising disease spectrum and enriching patients’ lives.”

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Echoing the sentiment, Girisan Kariangal, Managing Director of Menarini India, shared, “Our collaboration with Lupin since 2021 has been emblematic of a flourishing partnership. It’s heartening to witness Lupin taking the reins with complete trademark ownership. This transaction underpins Menarini’s unwavering dedication to fostering and amplifying our Dermatology and Aesthetics portfolio, underlining our consistent growth in this domain.”

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