Amazon Web Services announces monumental €15.7bn investment in Spain


In a landmark announcement, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled plans to invest a staggering €15.7 billion in the AWS Europe (Spain) Region. This monumental investment is set to support approximately 17,500 full-time equivalent jobs annually in local businesses and is projected to contribute an impressive €21.6 billion to Spain’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2033. This strategic move not only underscores AWS’s commitment to expanding its global cloud infrastructure but also positions Spain as a central hub for technology and innovation in southern Europe.

Strategic Implications for Spain’s Economy and Technology Sector

José Luis Escrivá, the Minister for Digital Transformation and the Public Service, emphasized the significance of AWS’s investment, stating, “Amazon Web Services’ decision to choose Spain places us at the forefront of technology innovation and Artificial Intelligence in Europe and confirms, once again, Spain’s ability to support technology talent and quality jobs in the long term.” The investment is seen as a testament to Spain’s conducive environment for technological advancements, including its connectivity, climate, and energy resources, which are pivotal for attracting global tech giants.

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AWS plans to significantly expand its cloud infrastructure in Aragón, with 40% of the estimated 6,800 job creations expected in the region. The impact of AWS’s investment will resonate across various industries, including construction, engineering, and telecommunications, enriching the local economy and fostering substantial employment opportunities.

Amazon Web Services announces a €15.7 billion investment to develop its cloud region in Spain, promising significant economic and job growth.

Amazon Web Services announces a €15.7 billion investment to develop its cloud region in Spain, promising significant economic and job growth.

Aragón: Becoming a Nexus of Technology and Innovation

The regional government of Aragón and its president, Jorge Azcón, have warmly welcomed AWS’s investment. Azcón highlighted that AWS has transformed Aragón into a dynamic center for technological investments, stating, “AWS is a global company, but its involvement in the local ecosystem has made it an ‘Aragonese’ company.” The significant financial infusion from AWS is poised to firmly establish Aragón as a leading technology and cloud economy hub within Europe.

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Sustainable Impact and Community Engagement

AWS’s investment in Spain is not just about economic growth but also sustainability and social responsibility. The company has committed to matching the electricity usage of its data centers in Aragón with 100% renewable sources and aims to be water positive by 2030. AWS has also engaged in local community initiatives, such as the planting of 5,000 trees in the Bosque de los Zaragozanos and supporting Zaragoza’s transition to a carbon-neutral city.

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This expansive investment by AWS is a game-changer for Spain’s tech landscape. It not only boosts the local economy and job market but also sets a new standard for sustainable and socially responsible business practices in the tech industry. AWS’s approach could serve as a model for other corporations looking to combine technological growth with environmental stewardship and community engagement.

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