ADX Energy announces upcoming drilling operations in Austria with RED Drilling & Services


ADX Energy Ltd, an established player in the oil and gas exploration sector, has officially confirmed the upcoming mobilization of the RED E-202 drilling rig, earmarked for the Welchau-1 drilling location within the ADX-AT-II licence in Upper Austria. This development, scheduled for the 14th of February 2024, marks a significant milestone in the region’s energy exploration efforts. The rig, following its release from a current project in Upper Austria, will traverse approximately 112 km to the Welchau-1 site, with assembly and preparation expected to span about 6 days, setting the stage for drilling operations to kick off by the 20th of February 2024.

The Welchau-1 well, a key focus of ADX Energy Ltd’s exploration agenda, is poised for drilling under the existing rig services contract with RED Drilling & Services GmbH (RED), a testament to the ongoing partnership between ADX and RED. This collaboration underscores a mutual commitment to adhering to the highest safety, noise, and environmental standards. The drilling endeavor is not just a technological venture but also a local economic stimulus, employing highly skilled local staff from Upper Austria, mirroring the successful employment model witnessed in the drilling of Anshof-2 and Anshof-3 wells.

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Further bolstering the financial and operational framework of the Welchau-1 project is the Energy Investment Agreement between ADX Energy Ltd and MCF Energy Ltd., through its subsidiary MCF Energy GmbH (MCF). Under this agreement, MCF will finance 50% of the Welchau-1 well costs, up to a cap of EUR 5.1 million, to secure a 25% economic interest in the Welchau Investment Area, part of the ADX-AT-II licence. This strategic partnership ensures ADX retains a 75% economic stake in the Welchau Investment Area, with a 100% economic interest in the broader ADX-AT-II license, excluding the Anshof Discovery Area.

Welchau-1 Well to Commence Drilling in February 2024: A Partnership Between ADX Energy Ltd and MCF Energy Ltd

Welchau-1 Well to Commence Drilling in February 2024: A Partnership Between ADX Energy Ltd and MCF Energy Ltd

ADX Energy Ltd’s commitment to the Welchau-1 drilling project is not just a significant investment in the future of energy exploration in Upper Austria but also a reflection of the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship, safety, and community engagement. With all regulatory approvals in place and well site construction completed, the project is on track to commence as scheduled, promising to enhance the local economy through job creation and the development of sustainable energy resources.

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This news piece serves as an insightful overview for industry analysts, investors, and environmental advocates keen on tracking the progress and impact of oil and gas exploration projects in Austria and beyond. ADX Energy Ltd’s approach to the Welchau-1 well drilling project exemplifies the industry’s shift towards more responsible and community-focused energy exploration practices.

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The commencement of the Welchau-1 drilling operation by ADX Energy Ltd, in collaboration with RED Drilling & Services GmbH and MCF Energy Ltd, represents a pivotal moment for the energy sector in Upper Austria. This initiative not only showcases the potential for new gas discoveries within the ADX-AT-II licence area but also highlights the importance of strategic partnerships, local engagement, and adherence to environmental standards in modern exploration projects. The success of this project could serve as a model for future explorations, emphasizing the balance between energy development and sustainable practices.

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