Wipro, Nokia to expedite enterprise digital transformation with 5G private wireless network solution


In a significant development poised to reshape the landscape of digital transformation, Wipro Limited, a global leader in technology services and consulting, in collaboration with Nokia, a frontrunner in network and telecommunications, has unveiled a state-of-the-art private wireless solution designed for enterprises aiming to accelerate their digital journey. This groundbreaking partnership merges Wipro’s cutting-edge consulting capabilities with Nokia’s advanced network technologies, offering a secure and reliable 5G private wireless network solution that integrates seamlessly with operation infrastructures across various industries.

At the heart of this joint solution lies the promise of superior reliability, mobility, connectivity speed, and the ability to process vast volumes of data with minimal latency. By leveraging a dedicated wireless network, enterprises gain the advantage of an integrated private environment, allowing for enhanced performance management and reduced security risks. This initiative is set to transform operational efficiencies through advanced AI-driven automation, particularly benefiting sectors such as manufacturing, energy, utilities, transportation, and sports entertainment.

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Nokia’s contribution includes the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and Modular Private Wireless (MPW) solutions, encompassing both hardware and software components. Meanwhile, Wipro is set to offer strategic guidance and industry insights for effective integration, leveraging its 5G Def-i with Industry DOT and OTNxt platforms. The collaboration aims to tailor the architecture and design to meet the unique business challenges of clients, ensuring the achievement of their business objectives through comprehensive network implementation and management.

Jo Debecker, Global Head of Wipro FullStride Cloud, emphasized the critical nature of data processing, accessibility, and security in today’s digital era. “We are proud to partner with Nokia to address this pressing business need,” Debecker stated, highlighting the goal of leveraging private wireless networks for rapid digitization and access to real-time insights.

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Echoing this sentiment, Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions at Nokia, pointed out, “Digital transformation is at the top of the enterprise agenda,” underlining the shared vision of Nokia and Wipro to enhance enterprise connectivity and AI-driven operational efficiencies through secure 5G network solutions.

Lourdes Charles, Vice President, 5G Connectivity Services, Wipro Engineering Edge, remarked on the significance of this partnership in Wipro’s journey towards leading innovation and connectivity with next-gen technology. The collaboration is set to provide an end-to-end secure business operation solution, marking a milestone in the digital transformation endeavors of enterprises across various sectors.

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This strategic partnership between Wipro Limited and Nokia marks a pivotal moment in the digital transformation narrative, offering enterprises a robust platform to scale their digital initiatives. By integrating Nokia’s network expertise with Wipro’s strategic business and technology capabilities, this joint solution is poised to unlock new avenues for businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world. As industries continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities of digitalization, the collaboration between Wipro and Nokia emerges as a beacon of innovation, driving impactful change and value across the global enterprise landscape.

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