Wipro, Ikon Science partner to help firms expedite digital transformation

Indian IT services company Wipro has entered into a collaboration with Ikon Science, a UK-based provider of geoprediction and open subsurface knowledge management software and services.

Through the partnership, Wipro and Ikon Science will help businesses to fast track their digital transformation even in the case of using legacy databases. This will be achieved by making use of the Curate subsurface knowledge management solution from Ikon Science that is scalable and cloud-enabled.

Ikon Science said that its partnership with Wipro addresses the issue of digital transformation initiatives often compromising end users by generating siloed data and complexity. By utilizing Curate as the focal point of a comprehensive and scalable digital transformation solution, the partners plan to address it.

Curate utilizes the most advanced technology available, user knowledge management as well as geopredictive tools to enable energy companies to make use of and contextualize disparate existing data regardless of the source.

Wipro, Ikon Science partner to help firms expedite digital transformation

Wipro, Ikon Science partner to help firms expedite digital transformation. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

According to Ikon Science, Curate makes it possible for companies to achieve greater data democratization and gain business insights that help in faster and more accurate decision-making.

The Curate platform also enables companies to speed up exploration, decrease the risk of portfolios, and improve production to achieve better results while also conserving human and capital resources to ensure an improved bottom line.

Dr. Denis Saussus — CEO of Ikon Science said: “Geoscience teams can derive immediate value from our strategic partnership with Wipro to realize true digital transformation.

“Combining Curate with Wipro’s ecosystem of technology partners and industry solutions will democratize data for Wipro’s clients, promoting greater usability, competitive advantage, greater efficiencies and ROI.”

Wipro’s extensive domain knowledge of the energy value chain with powerful capabilities in new and emerging technologies helps businesses expedite the process of cloud migration and digital transformation plans, said Ikon Science.

The Indian IT giant will utilize the Curate platform as one of its technology solutions to provide high-quality, factory-scale legacy data migration to cloud platforms, including Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) as well as other industry or energy firm-specific repositories.

Sidharth Mishra — Wipro Vice President and Global Lead for Energy Domain and Consulting Services said: “We look forward to helping energy companies unleash the potential of data analytics and unlock value from their legacy digital assets through cloud migration. Ikon’s cloud-ready Curate platform is a powerful strategic fit with Wipro’s established upstream services capability.”

Last month, Wipro had announced a multi-year global IT and digital deal with National Grid for fast tracking its digital innovation journey.

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