Wipro, Marelli revolutionize automotive tech with cabin digital twin development


Wipro Limited, a leading global technology services and consulting company, has joined forces with Marelli Electronic Systems, a premier mobility technology supplier to the automotive sector. This collaboration has led to the development of the Cabin Digital Twin, a groundbreaking innovation aimed at enabling Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to swiftly introduce connected vehicle services to the market.

Addressing Automotive Software Complexity

In an era where software and data complexity is escalating, the automotive industry is compelled to develop profound software competence in the cloud. This need is coupled with the necessity to maintain cost efficiencies, reduce deployment time, and provide frequent updates throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. Wipro and Marelli’s collaboration addresses these critical industry concerns.

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The Creation of the Cabin Digital Twin

Leveraging Wipro’s Cloud car platform, Marelli has developed the first viable product for the cabin digital twin. Wipro’s extensive AI/ML ecosystem and accelerator solutions have been pivotal in enabling Marelli to deliver a smart, automated cloud-based solution. This technology can test, validate, and update Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) features, significantly reducing the time to market for new software updates.

Innovative Partnership: Wipro and Marelli Launch Connected Vehicle Technology

Innovative Partnership: Wipro and Marelli Launch Connected Vehicle Technology

Enhanced Feature Implementation and Cost Efficiency

Wipro’s expertise in cloud and containerized microservices has been instrumental in accelerating the implementation of new features for Marelli. This technical support has led to significant cost savings, reduced project completion times, and streamlined software updates, allowing OEMs to quickly respond to customer demands.

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Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

Yves-Antoine Brun, Vice President, Head of Wipro Engineering Edge Europe at Wipro Limited, expressed excitement about this initiative, stating, “Combining traditional solutions with innovative platforms, we are thrilled to help the automotive industry redefine next-generation driving experiences.”

Roberto Secchi, Head of Software Platform and DevOps at Marelli Electronic Systems, highlighted the importance of their multi-year partnership with Wipro. He emphasized Marelli’s advancements in the SDV field, driven by a passion for innovation and supported by Wipro’s broad SDV talent pool.

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Future of Automotive Innovation

This partnership between Wipro and Marelli symbolizes a significant step forward in the automotive industry. It showcases how collaboration and technological expertise can lead to groundbreaking innovations in connected vehicle technology, paving the way for smarter, more efficient, and customer-centric automotive solutions.

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