IRIS Business Services forms alliance with Prophix to enhance IRIS CARBON


IRIS Business Services (IRIS), a renowned leader in business reporting and compliance solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Prophix, a prominent provider of financial performance management software. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the landscape of compliance reporting and financial management.

Expanding Market Reach with Prophix

The alliance enables Prophix to offer IRIS CARBON, IRIS’ acclaimed compliance reporting SaaS solution, to the Office of the CFO across its clientele, primarily in North America and Europe. Deepta Rangarajan, Founder & Whole Time Director of IRIS, emphasized the importance of this partnership in expanding the market for their award-winning software, IRIS CARBON. This move significantly increases IRIS’ visibility in the office of the CFO across companies in both continents.

IRIS CARBON: A Leader in Compliance Reporting

For the past 20 quarters, IRIS CARBON software has been at the forefront in the USA for the quality of XBRL/iXBRL filings generated by it. The software has also been ranked second in terms of ‘Ease of Use’ in the Disclosure Management Software category by G2 Research, a guide for many technology buyers. Earlier this year, IRIS CARBON received the APPEALIE SaaS Software Award in the mid-market segment.

IRIS Business Services and Prophix Collaborate to Expand Financial Management Solutions

IRIS Business Services and Prophix Collaborate to Expand Financial Management Solutions

Amplifying Global Presence

The partnership with Prophix is set to amplify these achievements, as Deepta Rangarajan pointed out. IRIS boasts a diverse client base across 29 countries, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to mid-market and small reporting entities in the US, Europe, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and India.

About IRIS Business Services and IRIS CARBON

IRIS Business Services stands at the forefront of business reporting and compliance solutions, trusted by over 30 regulators and 6000+ enterprises in 52 countries. Their flagship product, IRIS CARBON, offers enterprise software solutions for disclosure management, regulatory reporting, and compliance, specifically tailored for the Office of the CFO.

This strategic partnership between IRIS Business Services and Prophix marks a significant milestone in the financial performance management and compliance reporting sectors. It demonstrates how collaborative efforts can lead to innovative solutions, enhancing financial management and reporting efficiency for businesses globally.

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