Wipro launches blockchain-powered digital skills verification platform in India


Leading technology services and consulting giant, Wipro Limited, has unveiled a pioneering digital skills credentialing and verification initiative in India. This transformative project, leveraging the blockchain-powered Lab45 DICE ID platform, aspires to standardize the credentialing framework by making skills validation more efficient and trustworthy.

In an era where India’s education sector is predicted to nearly double by 2025, Wipro’s Chief Technology Officer, Subha Tatavarti highlighted the pressing need for a streamlined process to validate the myriad courses and certifications sprouting across the country.

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Statista forecasts showcase the Indian education industry’s prospective growth, indicating the professional certificate market’s expansion at a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 9% from 2023-2027. Wipro’s initiative emerges at a pivotal moment, aiming to offer a secure, reliable solution to the verification challenges posed by the burgeoning number of courses and certifications in India.

Wipro launches blockchain-powered digital skills verification platform in India

Wipro launches blockchain-powered digital skills verification platform in India. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons.

To champion this groundbreaking digital ecosystem, Wipro has mobilized an industry workgroup, encompassing diverse stakeholders such as learners, employers, academia, training providers, and recruiters. The collaboration aims to expedite adoption, foster skills standardization, and achieve alignment with governmental regulations. Remarkably, almost 70 entities have already enrolled in the DICE ID platform to support this endeavor.

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Chandra Sekhar Garisa, the CEO of foundit, a recent member of the DICE ID network, emphasized the transformative potential of verifiable skill credentials. He expressed optimism about the initiative’s capacity to redefine talent acquisition, optimizing the recruitment journey for employers and prospective employees alike.

In a related development, Wipro’s recently inaugurated ai360 initiative will also capitalize on the DICE ID skills credentialing platform. This adaptation will commence with the company’s generative AI skills training program, further underscoring Wipro’s commitment to the future of digital skill validation.

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