Wipro joins governing board of Open Source Security Foundation


Wipro said that it has joined the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) on the governing board to play a part in addressing the rising threat to the software supply chain.

Hosted at the Linux Foundation, the OpenSSF is a cross-industry organization that brings together the most important open source security initiatives in the world to help detect and fix security vulnerabilities in open source software and build enhanced tooling, training, best practices, research, and vulnerability disclosure practices.

Brian Behlendorf — General Manager of OpenSSF said: “We are thrilled to now count Wipro as a key strategic partner in the OpenSSF community.

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“With their massive global technology team building open source software, and their reach across so many critical sectors, they will be tremendously helpful in driving adoption for the specifications, systems, software and content coming from the OpenSSF.”

Wipro joins governing board of Open Source Security Foundation

Wipro joins governing board of Open Source Security Foundation. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

Apart from creating and contributing best practices for secure coding and software components for the projects under the banner of OpenSSF, Wipro’s experts in leadership and open source will join other members in setting direction via governance and working committees of the foundation.

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Andrew Aitken — Wipro Global Open Source Leader said: “We’re excited to be a member of this important industry initiative and to work with our peers to help ensure the integrity of the global software supply chain.

“With Board representation from our CTO, Subha Tatavarti, and subject matter experts engaged in all working groups and projects, Wipro is fully committed to helping the industry develop better methods, processes and tools to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

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“In addition, our goal is to improve and share secure coding best practices with the community to address the growing threat to our software supply chain.”

Currently, the open source and cybersecurity experts of Wipro contribute to the six major working groups and projects within OpenSSF, which include the Sigstore project and the SLSA project. They engage with the community members to develop use cases and insights based on experience to grow the scope of future offerings.

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