Wipro, Informatica partner to deliver scale to cloud-based transformations


Wipro said that Informatica, an American enterprise cloud data management company, is joining its Wipro FullStride Cloud Services as a premier collaboration partner.

Informatica and Wipro plan to work on creating a one-stop marketplace for driving business value and outcomes for clients. For this, the two firms will combine the offerings of cloud hyperscalers with the platforms, IP, partner-led tools, and talent of Wipro.

The Indian IT services provider said that its capabilities in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) along with the comprehensive -powered data management solution of Informatica will deliver scale to cloud-based transformations.

Richard Ganley — Informatica Global Partners SVP said: “Today’s expanded partnership is another key milestone for Wipro and Informatica and will help our customers take full advantage of our best-of-breed cloud data management capabilities.

“Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is the industry’s only, -powered, end-to-end data management platform capable of managing data across any cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid environment and we are excited to be a part of Wipro FullStride as a premier collaboration partner.”

Wipro, Informatica partner to deliver scale to cloud-based transformations

Wipro, Informatica partner to deliver scale to cloud-based transformations. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons.

According to Wipro, the data platform of Wipro FullStride combines industry leading data, analytics, as well as accelerators and solutions on one platform. This facilitates end-to-end automation of the migration to cloud and transformation journey across all major cloud hyperscalers, said Wipro.

Jason Eichenholz — Wipro Senior Vice President and Global Head of Ecosystems and Partnerships said: “We are happy to expand our longstanding Informatica partnership through the Wipro FullStride data platform.

“The integration of Wipro FullStride data platform with Informatica’s IDMC components as the backbone will enable seamless transformation, accelerate business value, and simplify complexity at lower cost. This partnership supports our goal to use the power and flexibility of the cloud to bring data and analytics to our clients and their stakeholders.”

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