Westinghouse AP300 SMRs to power UK’s transition to renewable energy


Westinghouse Electric Company has announced a partnership with Community Nuclear Power, Ltd. (CNP) to establish the United Kingdom’s first privately-financed small modular reactor (SMR) fleet in North Teesside, Northeast England. This ambitious project, set to feature four Westinghouse AP300 SMRs, marks a pivotal step towards the realization of a new energy sector in the UK, with commercial operations anticipated in the early 2030s.

The collaboration aims to address the increasing demand for carbon-free, reliable electricity in North Teesside, a region currently undergoing significant industrial and economic development. CNP, alongside strategic partners such as Jacobs and Interpath Advisory, is working to develop a fully licensed site for the project by 2027, aligning with the UK Government’s recent consultation on alternative routes to market for new nuclear projects. This initiative also complements Westinghouse’s involvement in Great British Nuclear’s (GBN) SMR technology selection process, promising to enhance workforce training and supply chain localization through multiple deployment projects.

Westinghouse and Community Nuclear Power to Launch the UK's First Privately-Financed SMR Fleet

Westinghouse and Community Nuclear Power to Launch the UK’s First Privately-Financed SMR Fleet. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Paul Foster, CEO of Community Nuclear Power, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the synergy between Westinghouse’s technology and CNP’s expertise in nuclear program delivery. David Durham, President of Westinghouse Energy Systems, thanked CNP for the opportunity to introduce their AP300 SMR technology to the UK market, noting its suitability for supporting both grid generation and industrial sites through the production of clean and secure energy, including hydrogen, e-fuels, desalination, and district heating solutions.

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Launched in May 2023, the Westinghouse AP300 is the only SMR based on the advanced, large Generation III+ AP1000® reactor technology, which is already operational globally. This approach allows for streamlined licensing and leverages existing technical skills and supply chains, ensuring confidence in the timely availability of the first operating unit in the early 2030s. The AP300 SMR’s economic benefits are underpinned by robust analysis and the experience of AP1000 reactors across three continents, with potential customers in the UK, Europe, and North America already showing interest.

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Westinghouse Electric Company continues to lead in the development of carbon-free energy solutions, offering innovative nuclear and other clean power technologies globally. With a history of over 135 years of innovation, Westinghouse remains a preferred partner in advancing the nuclear energy life cycle.

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