Sterlite Technologies powers Kochi Water Metro’s communication with Neox solution


Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL), a global leader in optical and digital solutions, today revealed its role in ensuring smooth communications for the eco-friendly Water Metro in Kochi, Kerala, India.

By incorporating the state-of-the-art Neox Unified Communications solution, Sterlite Technologies has brought a world-class advanced communication system to the transport network.

The Water Metro, which is a green initiative, aims to connect 10 island communities in Kochi to the mainland using 78 battery-operated electric hybrid boats. These vessels will navigate 16 routes across 76 kilometres, making stops at 38 terminals along the way. With a goal of environmentally friendly transport, the Water Metro project is set to stimulate trade, commerce, and social interaction.

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Sterlite Technologies’ Neox platform will facilitate seamless communication for 145 internal users and 10 Helpdesk executives across 38 jetties, one Boatyard, and one Operations Control Centre (OCC). The platform also facilitates interaction with external stakeholders like staff and the public.

Sterlite Technologies ensures seamless communications for Kochi Water Metro with Neox solution

Sterlite Technologies ensures seamless communications for Kochi Water Metro with Neox solution. Photo courtesy of Thilsebatti/Wikimedia Commons.

The integration of Neox with VHF radios and PA systems across the jetties ensures system-wide calling. Furthermore, Neox IP Telephony offers audio, video, and instant messaging communication, connecting internal users to the public switched telephone network.

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In addition to establishing connections, Neox will boost the efficiency of boat services through an analytical dashboard, assisting in the operation and maintenance of the entire system.

Sanjay Sahani — Sterlite Technologies India Sales Head said: “STL’s Neox Unified Communication solution has played a significant role in implementing a world-class advanced communication system for Kochi Water Metro. This is a revolutionary step in making transportation systems greener and sustainable, and we are excited to play a major part in this.

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“This is a step forward in our purpose of Transforming Billions of Lives by Connecting the World.”

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