Verint bags contract to enhance CX automation for American bank


Verint, recognized globally as The CX Automation Company, has recently announced a significant achievement—a $4 million multi-year contract with a top five U.S. bank to bolster customer experience (CX) automation within their contact centers. This initiative aims to deploy multiple applications of the Verint Open Platform across a substantial portion of the bank’s workforce, specifically targeting 5,000 of the total 40,000 agents.

This strategic partnership underscores the bank’s commitment to enhancing CX through advanced automation and AI technologies. The contract, covering one-eighth of the bank’s contact center agents, also includes an option for future expansion, reflecting a robust confidence in Verint’s capabilities. Discussions are underway between Verint and the bank regarding the potential deployment of AI-powered bots, promising further advancements in automation that are not currently within the initial contract’s scope.

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Innovative Features of Verint Open Platform

Verint’s Open Platform is designed to elevate the customer service experience while reducing operational costs—a critical need in today’s competitive contact center environment. It offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing the integration of existing solutions whether they are cloud-based or on-premises. Its modular nature lets organizations implement selected components gradually, avoiding the pitfalls of disruptive overhaul projects.

Future-Proofing Contact Centers with AI

The rapid evolution of AI in customer service necessitates a platform that can adapt and incorporate new AI models seamlessly. Verint’s approach ensures that customer interaction data, crucial for driving business outcomes, is accessible and not siloed. This enables a deep understanding of customer, employee, and bot behaviors, enhancing the effectiveness of AI bots through continuous training.

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Dan Bodner, chairman and CEO of Verint, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration: “We are pleased to be selected by one of the top five U.S. banks to modernize their contact centers. We are uniquely positioned to help large brands increase CX automation at their own pace with our differentiated open platform,” he said. “We look forward to working with the bank to increase adoption across their workforce and expand the use of the Verint Platform with AI-powered bots to drive significant AI business outcomes.”

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Verint’s contract with a leading U.S. bank not only highlights the bank’s forward-thinking approach to customer service but also signals a broader industry trend towards integrating AI-driven automation to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. This partnership is likely to set a precedent in the banking sector, showcasing the potential of AI and automation to transform traditional business operations.

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