Two killed and six injured in Minneapolis shooting incident, including police officers


In a tragic event unfolding in Minneapolis’s Whittier neighborhood, two civilians were killed and several others injured, including two police officers, one of whom has succumbed to injuries. The incident occurred on Thursday evening near an apartment complex on Blaisdell Avenue South, prompting a significant response from local law enforcement and emergency services.

Details of the Incident

The Minneapolis Police Department was initially called to the 2200 block of Blaisdell Avenue South following reports of gunfire. Upon arrival, officers were met with a volatile situation that led to the injury of four civilians and two police officers. The area between West 22nd and West 24th streets was quickly secured with numerous police cars and ambulances as authorities managed the ongoing crisis.

According to city officials, the confrontation resulted not only in multiple injuries but also in the deaths of two civilians and the suspected shooter. The situation has been described as “fluid” by the Minneapolis Office of Community Safety, which continues to urge the public to avoid the area.

Two killed and six injured, including police officers, in a Minneapolis shooting.

Two killed and six injured, including police officers, in a Minneapolis shooting.

Community and Official Responses

The impact of the shooting was immediate, with local residents and witnesses expressing shock and distress. Reuben Molina, a local resident, recounted hearing what he initially thought were loud bangs, which were later identified as gunshots. “Me and my girlfriend, we heard really loud banging at first. Then we heard it again and again and again in rapid succession. And me and her were like, ‘Oh that’s gunshots,'” Molina told CBS News.

In response to the crisis, additional support has been mobilized from neighboring jurisdictions. The Minnesota State Patrol and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are assisting, while St. Paul Police officers will help patrol Minneapolis through the night. Governor Tim Walz has expressed readiness to provide necessary resources and extended his prayers for the first responders involved.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter voiced his condolences and concern, stating, “We are deeply saddened by the tragic shooting in Minneapolis tonight. We are praying for our colleagues and the entire Minneapolis community.”

Ongoing Investigation and Community Impact

As the investigation continues, the full circumstances surrounding the shooting remain under examination. The Minneapolis Police Department stresses the ongoing nature of the situation, which has significantly affected the Whittier neighborhood and its residents.

This incident has once again highlighted the challenges and dangers faced by law enforcement and the profound impact of such events on local communities. Efforts to understand the motive and sequence of events that led to this tragic outcome are ongoing, as the community seeks to recover and address public safety concerns.

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