United Natural Foods rolls out Woodstock hot sauces line in US

United Natural Foods, a Rhode Island-based organic food company, has rolled out a new range of hot sauces under Woodstock brand.

The Woodstock hot sauces range has been launched in four flavors – Scotch Bonnet, Ghost Pepper, Habanero Pepper, and Scorpion Pepper.

According to United Natural Foods, the hot sauces are sourced from Costa Rica, where they are manufactured in a carbon neutral facility. The Woodstock hot sauces do not have any added sugar, said the organic food company.

The new collection of Woodstock hot sauces range from 1,790 to 57,000 Scoville units, and are available across the US.

United Natural Foods introduces Woodstock hot sauces line in US

United Natural Foods introduces Woodstock hot sauces line in US. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Amanda Helming – chief marketing officer at United Natural Foods and Woodstock said: “Shelf stable hot sauces have grown over 30 percent in category dollar sales over the past year with the dramatic rise of at-home food occasions, a trend that we’ve seen continue into 2021.

“The growth of the category has redefined what it means to be a hot sauce enthusiast to now include health-focused Millennial consumers looking for an extra kick to enhance their meals.

“The new Woodstock hot sauces were created with that balance in mind, delivering the craveable heat with subtle tasting notes that transform a variety of items from eggs to tacos and salad dressings.”

The Scotch Bonnet hot sauce has 1,790 Scoville units with fruity, slight garlic, and lightly acidic tasting notes, while the Habanero Pepper hot sauce has 7,900 Scoville units with sweet and sour, slight onion, and fruity tasting notes.

The Ghost Pepper hot sauce has 33,000 Scoville units with acidic, salty, slight garlic, and fruity tasting notes. On the other hand, the Scorpion Pepper hot sauce has 57,000 Scoville units with acidic, salty, extra hot, and very fruity tasting notes.

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