Toshiba enhances semiconductor production with new facility in Ishikawa, Japan


Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has marked a significant advancement in its semiconductor production capabilities with the completion of a new 300-millimeter wafer fabrication facility at Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. This development is a crucial part of Phase 1 of Toshiba’s multi-year investment program aimed at ramping up production capacity.

Expansion and Production Goals

The new facility is set to significantly increase Toshiba’s production capacity for power semiconductors, mainly Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). Once Phase 1 reaches full-scale operation, the production capacity is expected to be 2.5 times that of fiscal 2021, when the investment plan was initiated. This expansion will support the growing demand for power semiconductors, vital for electricity supply and control across various applications, including the electrification of automobiles and automation of industrial machinery.

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Strategic Enhancements and Sustainability Efforts

The new manufacturing building is designed with sustainability and resilience at its core. It features a seismic isolation structure to absorb earthquake shocks and redundant power sources to ensure continuous operation. Additionally, the facility will operate entirely on renewable energy, thanks to solar panels installed on the roof, aligning with Toshiba’s commitment to carbon neutrality and energy efficiency.

Government Support and Future Prospects

Toshiba has also received support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, which provided a grant to subsidize part of the investment in manufacturing equipment. This support underscores the importance of Toshiba’s expansion in the semiconductor industry both for the company and the Japanese economy.

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Decisions on the construction and start of operation of Phase 2 of the investment will be guided by market trends, ensuring that Toshiba remains aligned with industry needs and technological advancements.

Leadership Comments

During the ceremony, Toshiba’s executives highlighted the strategic importance of the new facility. “With this significant expansion, we are poised to meet the increasing global demand for energy-efficient semiconductor solutions, which are crucial for a range of emerging technologies,” said a Toshiba spokesperson. This move is expected to strengthen Toshiba’s position as a leader in the semiconductor industry, driving growth and innovation.

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The completion of Toshiba’s new fabrication facility is a strategic enhancement to its manufacturing capabilities, reflecting a broader industry trend towards increasing semiconductor production capacity in response to global demands. By focusing on sustainability and technological advancement, Toshiba is not only increasing its operational capacity but also contributing to global efforts towards energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

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