Macquarie Asset Management launches Aula Energy for onshore renewable projects in Australia


Australian financial services giant, Macquarie Asset Management, has introduced Aula Energy, a pioneering business in the onshore renewable energy sector. Aula Energy, leveraging Macquarie’s 17-year history in renewable investments, focuses on developing, constructing, and operating large-scale wind, solar, and integrated battery projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Chad Hymas, leading Aula Energy, emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainable energy production and long-term asset development. Hymas, with two decades of industry experience, highlights Aula Energy’s approach to building partnerships for impactful and sustainable project development.

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Lachlan Creswell, head of Macquarie Asset Management’s Green Investments team for Australia and New Zealand, underscores Aula Energy’s role in diversifying and enhancing the region’s renewable energy portfolio. Creswell points out the significance of Aula Energy in meeting the growing demand from commercial and industrial off-takers in the energy transition phase.

Aula Energy: New Player in Australia's Renewable Sector by Macquarie Asset Management

Aula Energy: New Player in Australia’s Renewable Sector by Macquarie Asset Management

Aula Energy’s initial portfolio boasts an impressive 4 GW capacity, covering projects across all Australian states and offering significant grid connection potential. Notable developments include the Boulder Creek Wind Farm in Queensland, set to commence in 2024, and a series of large-scale wind farms in Western Australia, developed in collaboration with Green Wind Renewables.

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Furthermore, Aula Energy’s business model covers the entire project lifecycle, from development to operation, while adapting to evolving customer needs, technologies, and policies. This approach aligns with Macquarie Asset Management’s strategy of creating specialized businesses in response to global demand for diversified renewable investment opportunities.

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