Toshiba Digital, Classiq to unlock potential of gate-based quantum computing


Toshiba Digital Solutions and Classiq Technologies, a quantum software company that offers an end-to-end platform for designing, executing, and analyzing quantum software, have signed a technology collaboration agreement focused on gate-based quantum computing.

The collaboration aims to explore the potential applications of gate-based quantum computing in various industries, leveraging Toshiba Digital Solutions’ expertise in quantum technologies and Classiq Technologies’ user-friendly quantum computing software platform.

Quantum computers represent the next generation of technology, capable of solving complex problems that conventional computers struggle with or would take an impractical amount of time to solve.

There are two broad categories of quantum computers: the Ising machine type, specialized in solving combinatorial optimization problems, and the gate-based universal computer, intended for general-purpose applications. While gate-based quantum computing is still in the development stage, it holds immense potential for applications in artificial intelligence (AI), optimization, and simulation.

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Nir Minerbi — Classiq Technologies CEO said: “We’re excited to collaborate with Toshiba Digital Solutions, a global technology leader. Classiq’s state-of-the-art quantum software platform combined with Toshiba Digital Solution’s deep AI, IT knowledge and advanced technological expertise will be leveraged to explore and architect sophisticated quantum algorithms enabling an industrial Quantum Transformation (QX).”

To support gate-based quantum computing, advanced expertise in quantum circuit design is required for software development. Recognizing this need, Toshiba Digital Solutions is offering quantum technologies such as Quantum Key Distribution and SQBMTM, a quantum-inspired optimization solution based on the Simulated Bifurcation Machine, on conventional computers.

Additionally, Toshiba Digital Solutions possesses a wide array of AI technologies, including the renowned Toshiba analytics AI “SATLYSTM,” which is already being applied across various industrial fields.

Classiq Technologies, on the other hand, provides a user-friendly gate-based quantum computing software platform that enables both beginner and expert designers to rapidly generate, analyze, and execute quantum circuits. Their platform facilitates the accessibility and usability of gate-based quantum computing, making it easier for designers to harness its potential.

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Under the technology collaboration agreement, Toshiba Digital Solutions will leverage its expertise in quantum and AI technologies to conduct technical evaluations of quantum AI using the Classiq platform.

The evaluation results will serve as the basis for exploring various use cases for gate-based quantum computing in fields such as energy, social infrastructure, smart manufacturing, carbon neutrality, and circular economy. These fields align with Toshiba Group’s extensive experience and expertise.

Classiq Technologies will provide support in TDSL’s use case exploration and optimize the Classiq platform for these industrial applications. By combining their respective strengths and knowledge, Toshiba Digital Solutions and Classiq aim to create new value and unlock the potential of gate-based quantum computing for industrial customers across their business domains.

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This collaboration marks a significant step towards realizing the practical applications of gate-based quantum computing, highlighting the growing interest and investment in this transformative technology.

With Toshiba Digital Solutions’ quantum and AI expertise and Classiq’s user-friendly platform, the collaboration holds the promise of accelerating the adoption of gate-based quantum computing in real-world scenarios, opening up new possibilities for industries worldwide.

Shunsuke Okada — Toshiba Digital Solutions President and CEO said: “We are excited to have the opportunity of technology collaboration with Classiq. We will create new value through QX (Quantum Transformation) together by combining Classiq platform and Toshiba Group’s quantum technology, AI, and IT knowledge cultivated over many years.”

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