Topcon launches Aptix to streamline heavy civil construction projects


Topcon Positioning Systems has launched Aptix, an innovative integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) engineered to optimize the management of heavy civil construction projects.

Aptix combines Topcon solutions with various third-party applications to facilitate and synchronize data exchanges between the office and the construction site, enhancing process efficiency and generating crucial insights from one centralized platform.

The key functionality of Aptix lies in its ability to automate and orchestrate the distribution of diverse forms of data, such as machine control files, constructible models, project schedules, and real-time reports.

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The platform can pinpoint, almost in real-time, the location of machinery and compile as-built data from assorted fleet telematics. Furthermore, it offers real-time reports on individuals, materials, machines, and carbon dioxide emissions, thus improving visibility for carbon footprint and sustainability initiatives.

Topcon Positioning Systems launches Aptix, an iPaaS solution to optimize heavy civil construction projects

Topcon Positioning Systems launches Aptix, an iPaaS solution to optimize heavy civil construction projects. Graphic courtesy of Business Wire.

What sets Aptix apart is its capacity to automate the distribution of constructible models and scheduled task modifications. Due to frequent changes, maintaining updated information for management teams, operators, and other stakeholders can be challenging.

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Aptix tackles this problem by integrating with industry-standard applications like Autodesk Construction Cloud and Microsoft OneDrive. By monitoring file updates within Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, BIM 360, and Microsoft OneDrive, Aptix ensures the immediate distribution of model or schedule changes to all pertinent stakeholders, guaranteeing that operators are working with the most current models and tasks, and project managers receive up-to-date reports.

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Jason Hallett — Topcon Integration Services vice president and general manager said: “By automating previously manual processes, Aptix eliminates time-consuming and error-prone data entry, allowing construction professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

“Project managers can make better, more informed decisions by having real-time visibility into project progress and potential roadblocks. We are confident that Aptix will optimize how construction projects are managed, providing a powerful new tool for construction professionals looking to improve their project management processes.”

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