TGS launches 2Dcubed seismic data project offshore Timor-Leste


Norwegian geoscience data provider TGS in collaboration with Timor-Leste’s National Authority for Petroleum and Minerals (ANPM), has started a 2Dcubed seismic data project that will cover offshore Timor-Leste, in support of the Southeast Asian nation’s ongoing license round.

The seismic data project is said to combine all available open file and TGS multi-client data across an area of more than 50,000 square kilometers. It will incorporate more than 2,500 lines and existing 3D’s within the planned area.

TGS said that the 2D data, from more than 45 legacy vintages, covers the complete offshore area south of Timor-Leste where the 11 offshore blocks in the second license round are contained.

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The Norwegian geoscience data provider claimed that the final multi-client 2Dcubed data will be unrivaled in its full coverage, and will enable customers to develop structural and geological models in their pre-study evaluation process using a single 3D volume, thereby giving them confidence in their license round decision-making processes and backing further exploration.

TGS launches 2Dcubed seismic data project offshore Timor-Leste

TGS launches 2Dcubed seismic data project offshore Timor-Leste. Image courtesy of TGS.

According to TGS, 2Dcubed generates a 3D seismic migration volume from a set of 2D and 3D seismic lines. It employs an advanced structurally conformable interpolation algorithm to make most of the potential of existing 2D multi-vintage and 3D data.

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TGS said that the volume can be used for regional interpretation and also streamlining of 2D survey designs and positioning. The geoscience data provider said that the very high density of the available 2D legacy data from Timor-Leste waters lends itself to maximizing the effectiveness of 2Dcubed, which also combines local 3D surveys, where available.

The availability of the first deliverables from the seismic data project is anticipated from July 2020, with final deliverables likely to be around September 2020. TGS said that this will enable exploration and production companies enough time for evaluating data before the closing of the license round, which is expected to be during the first half of 2021.

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Kristian Johansen – TGS CEO said: “By making our 2Dcubed product available covering offshore Timor-Leste, we believe we are offering E&P players the most cost-effective de-risking tool to evaluate the available license round acreage on offer using a 3D seismic data volume. This will be key to companies seeking to develop opportunities to invest in the oil and gas potential of Timor-Leste in the coming years.”

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