TCS to help Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors drive IT innovation

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said that it has been selected by NXP Semiconductors, a Dutch semiconductor manufacturer, to help it secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications and enrich its user experience and expedite digital transformation.

The Dutch chipmaking company is aiming to bring in innovation across the automotive, industrial and Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and communication infrastructure markets.

It has roped in Tata Consultancy Services to drive its integrated IT services strategy across IT infrastructure, applications, and workplace services covering its enterprise, manufacturing, and engineering functions.

Tata Consultancy Services said that it will utilize its Machine First approach, vast contextual knowledge of the semiconductor industry and capabilities across artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and other next-gen technologies to build a business-centric operating model that will use synergies across the value chain.

TCS to help Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors drive IT innovation

TCS to help Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors drive IT innovation. Photo courtesy of NXP Semiconductors.

V Rajanna — Tata Consultancy Services Global Head of Technology Business Unit said: “We are delighted to expand our decade-long strategic partnership with NXP to help them build a new future-ready digital core and drive digital transformation. The new IT operating model will be better aligned with business and will leverage our Machine First philosophy to drive leaner, more resilient operations, elevating the user experience and enhancing NXP’s future growth.”

According to the Indian IT services provider, the new, secure IT landscape of NXP Semiconductors will considerably enhance operational resilience, accelerate innovation, and enable a superior user experience.

Apart from that, Tata Consultancy Services will accelerate the cloud adoption of the Dutch semiconductor manufacturing company to further boost business agility and develop a future-ready digital foundation for supporting its growth and transformation agenda.

Olli Hyyppa — Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of NXP Semiconductors said: “TCS demonstrated an understanding of NXP’s environment and identified transformational opportunities. They will be a crucial partner in building our vision of an agile and lean IT environment that is essential to keep pace with our ever-growing drive to innovate.”

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