Tata Power launches AI-powered PIR Motion Sensor for smart energy solutions


Tata Power has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) powered passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor under its home automation range — Tata Power EZ Home.

According to Tata Power, the PIR Motion Sensor will deliver smart energy solutions to help consumers in conserving energy and bring down their electricity bills.

The Tata Power EZ Home PIR Motion Sensor is capable of operating the associated appliance based on the presence of human motion within a range of five meters, said Tata Power.

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A Tata Power spokesperson said: “We’re excited to introduce our AI-Powered PIR Motion Sensor to mark the World Environment Day. Through the use of these AI sensors, our discerning customers will be able to make informed decisions about energy conservation and its optimization, and join us in our #DoGreen mission.”

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