Tata Consultancy Services partners with Enento Group for digital transformation in Nordics


In a significant move towards enhancing digital business and consumer information services in the Nordic region, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Enento Group, a leading provider in the field. This collaboration is set to transform Enento’s IT applications, cloud infrastructure, digital workplace, and IT security, reinforcing the foundation for resilient business operations.

Through this partnership, TCS commits to realizing Enento’s vision of “One Enento” by streamlining its operating model and harmonizing its technology stack. Leveraging its expertise in cloud and DevOps solutions, TCS aims to boost Enento’s business agility, ensuring a superior digital customer experience. Moreover, TCS will focus on fortifying IT security, modernizing workplace services, and guaranteeing business operations’ resilience, benefiting from its robust local presence across the Nordics to deliver these high-quality services effectively.

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Daniel Ejderberg, Enento’s Chief Information Officer, emphasized the importance of this partnership: “As the leading digital Nordic knowledge company, we aim to stay ahead in developing innovative data-driven solutions and services. TCS, with its proven track record in the Nordics, emerged as the trusted partner for our business transformation, playing a crucial role in achieving our long-term objectives.”

Tata Consultancy Services and Enento Group Embark on a Journey of IT and Digital Innovation in the Nordic Region

Tata Consultancy Services and Enento Group Embark on a Journey of IT and Digital Innovation in the Nordic Region

Enento Group, renowned for its pivotal role in digital decision-making processes, serves over 76,000 corporate customers and 500,000 consumers across various sectors, including banking, finance, and retail. The decision to partner with TCS was driven by TCS’s extensive experience in executing large-scale digital transformations and the strong cultural alignment between both organizations.

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Shreerang Talekar, Head of TCS in the Nordics, highlighted the strategic importance of the partnership: “Enento is instrumental in empowering Nordic companies, institutions, and individuals with high-quality data, insights, and analytics for sound decision-making. We are excited to join forces with Enento to harness AI, data, cloud, and analytics, driving intelligent business transformation and growth across the enterprise.”

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Since establishing its Nordic presence in 1991, TCS has been a key player in supporting regional enterprises with growth and transformation efforts, boasting over 20,000 employees dedicated to advancing the Nordic business landscape.

This strategic partnership between TCS and Enento Group marks a pivotal moment in the digital transformation journey of the Nordic region. It showcases how leveraging technology and innovation can significantly enhance business operations, customer experience, and security measures. As TCS and Enento Group collaborate to push the boundaries of digital and IT capabilities, they set a benchmark for successful partnerships in the technology sector, underscoring the importance of agility, security, and customer-centric approaches in today’s digital era.

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