Tata Consultancy Services, Microsoft partner to transform manufacturing with cloud solutions


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced the offering of its TCS Neural Manufacturing suite on the newly-launched Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing. This integration aims to help manufacturers expedite their growth and transformation through digital and connected solutions.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is designed to aid industrial companies in their transition towards connected digital enterprises. The cloud assembles various Microsoft technologies, promoting resilience and sustainability through operational visibility, data integration, and digital collaboration. TCS is contributing its extensive industry knowledge, global experience, and cloud transformation framework to enable manufacturers to realize their business objectives.

Solutions and Demonstrations for Future Growth

The TCS Neural Manufacturing suite includes solutions like Clever Energy, Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser, and a digital manufacturing solution. These offerings provide connected, cognitive, and collaborative capabilities for large-scale transformations. TCS, in collaboration with Microsoft, showcased these solutions at Hannover Messe 2023 in Germany, illustrating the creation of boundaryless business models and optimized value chains.

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Enhancing Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

TCS is actively working with customers on Microsoft Cloud to enhance plant operations, improve safety, and promote excellence through data-driven insights. Success stories include global manufacturers increasing yield and process consistency through digital twin technology and pursuing net-zero goals with TCS’ sustainability solutions on Azure.

TCS Integrates with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: A Step Towards Digital Enterprise Transformation

TCS Integrates with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: A Step Towards Digital Enterprise Transformation. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

Comprehensive Services and Collaborative Innovation

Beyond specific solutions, TCS provides manufacturers with a wide array of services encompassing IT, operations technology, Internet of Things (IoT), digital engineering, and business operations. Through TCS Pace Ports, the company facilitates collaborative experimentation and rapid prototyping with leading technologies, including those from Microsoft.

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Quotes from Leaders on the Collaboration

“TCS works with leading manufacturers globally, helping them pursue their growth and transformation initiatives. With Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, we are bringing together our deep expertise and industry-leading portfolio of industrial IoT and engineering solutions in the TCS Neural Manufacturing suite to help our customers future-proof their manufacturing operations and drive competitive differentiation,” said Sreenivasa Chakravarti, Global Head, IoT & Digital Engineering, TCS.

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“Manufacturing transformation is being accelerated by connected solutions like TCS Neural Manufacturing solutions integrated with the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing and utilizing edge compute, 5G, cloud and AI capabilities. Azure services bring simplicity to deliver and manage the solution at scale,” said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility Industry, Microsoft.

This collaboration between TCS and Microsoft marks an essential step in modernizing manufacturing processes and brings to the forefront the potential of digital and cloud technologies to reshape the industrial landscape.

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