Suchana Seth : From tech genius to alleged murderer: The dark tale of a CEO’s descent into crime


In a shocking development that has rocked the tech community and beyond, Suchana Seth, the 39-year-old CEO of a Bengaluru tech startup, has been arrested for the alleged murder of her own four-year-old son. The unfolding details from a Goa hotel paint a grisly picture, involving bloodstains, a resourceful cab driver, and the quick-thinking hotel staff.

The Dreadful Discovery in Goa

Suchana Seth, a high-profile tech mogul, checked into a service apartment in north Goa’s Candolim with her young son on January 6. Merely two days later, she left alone, carrying a large bag, which horrifyingly contained her child’s body. The motive behind this gruesome act remains a mystery, leaving many baffled and horrified.

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In a bizarre twist, Seth’s insistence on a 600 km road journey to Bengaluru, over a quick flight, raised alarms. It was the alertness of the hotel staff at Sol Banyan Grande, Goa, that led to the first signs of something amiss. They discovered bloodstains while cleaning her room and promptly alerted the police, setting off a dramatic chain of events leading to Seth’s arrest.

Gruesome Discovery in Goa: Tech Mogul Suchana Seth Arrested in a Horrifying Child Murder Case

Gruesome Discovery in Goa: Tech Mogul Suchana Seth Arrested in a Horrifying Child Murder Case

The Tense Capture

To apprehend Suchana Seth, police executed a strategic plan, involving the cab driver she had booked. Communicating in Konkani to avoid raising suspicion, they directed him to a police station. The driver, with commendable composure, played along, leading to the discovery of the child’s body in Seth’s luggage.

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Further investigation uncovered a troubled background. Suchana Seth’s strained relationship with her estranged husband, amidst a pending divorce, and a mysterious court order, have become focal points in this chilling case.

The Tech CEO’s Background

Suchana Seth, known as the founder and CEO of Mindful AI Lab and a 2017/18 Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Centre, is a distinguished figure in the field of artificial intelligence. With a Master’s degree in plasma physics and astrophysics from the University of Calcutta, her fall into the depths of alleged criminality has sent shockwaves through both academic and tech circles.

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As the police piece together this dark puzzle, the tech world is left reeling from the horrific revelation. This story of ambition, success, and alleged murder is a chilling reminder of the unpredictability of human nature.

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