Strategic Biofuels’ Louisiana Green Fuels project gains air permit from DEQ


Strategic Biofuels said that its Louisiana Green Fuels project (LGF project) in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana has secured an Air Permit from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). This significant development comes after a detailed technical analysis and feedback from the public. The DEQ’s decision indicates that the plant, touted to have the globe’s lowest carbon footprint for liquid fuel, will not pose threats to local air quality. The facility, termed a “synthetic minor,” will adhere to both state and federal norms, including the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

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Unique Air Permit Approval Fuels Louisiana Green Fuels project Vision

Senior Vice President of Project Development at Strategic Biofuels, Paul Oesterreich, underlined the permit’s importance by pointing out its unique status in Louisiana. Recognizing its unprecedented nature, he expressed gratitude for the innovation contributed by Hatch and the commitment of Eagle Environmental Services during the rigorous permit application journey.

Louisiana Green Fuels project Triad Approach: A Gamechanger in Emission Reduction

The Louisiana Green Fuels project stands out due to its three-pronged innovation, which collectively reduces emissions by a remarkable 70% below permissible limits. This visionary approach involves:

  1. A biorefinery transforming forestry waste into renewable fuel.
  2. A biomass-powered “green energy” power plant supporting the whole facility.
  3. A carbon sequestration complex for permanent carbon dioxide storage.
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Kerry McKenna from Hatch emphasized their collaboration’s transformative potential, while Barrett Kyle of Eagle Environmental Services acknowledged the groundbreaking nature of the permit in Louisiana’s context.

Air Permit Augments Louisiana Green Fuels project’s Notable Progress

This new Air Permit adds to the Louisiana Green Fuels project’s existing achievements. Notably, the project’s US EPA Class VI well permit application recently earned the “administratively complete” label from the EPA. This recognition acknowledges the extensive data gathered from the LGF Class V Stratigraphic Test Well, in-depth regional subsurface mapping, and advanced modeling techniques. Building on this momentum, Strategic Biofuels has also inked a partnership with global tech giant SLB for carbon sequestration services for Louisiana Green Fuels project.

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