Snowman Logistics expands with new cold storage facility in Guwahati


Snowman Logistics Limited, a leader in cold chain and integrated temperature-controlled logistics in India, has announced the inauguration of its new multi-temperature controlled warehouse in Guwahati, Assam. This expansion significantly increases the company’s capacity and presence in Northeast India.

State-of-the-Art Facility for Diverse Needs

The newly leased warehouse boasts a total capacity of 5,152 pallets and is equipped with eight chambers and four loading bays, featuring the latest infrastructure. Designed to accommodate products requiring ambient temperatures to minus 25 degrees Celsius, the facility will focus on storing and transporting a variety of products, including ice cream, poultry, ready-to-eat food, dairy products, confectionery, bakery products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, specialized chemicals, and various commodities.

Strategic Expansion: Snowman Logistics Inaugurates Advanced Cold Chain Warehouse in Guwahati

Strategic Expansion: Snowman Logistics Inaugurates Advanced Cold Chain Warehouse in Guwahati

Strategic Expansion and Innovation

Sunil Nair, CEO of Snowman Logistics, expressed pride in the inauguration of the Guwahati facility, marking the company’s first venture into a fully leased cold storage facility and reflecting its strategic move towards becoming asset-light. The establishment boosts Snowman Logistics’ overall pallet capacity to over 141,000, distributed strategically across 20 cities.

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Expertise in Diverse Sectors

With extensive experience in storing, handling, and transporting products across the food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and specialized chemicals sectors, Snowman Logistics is committed to innovation, employing technology-enabled facilities and platforms to provide tailored solutions for the dynamic needs of the industries it serves.

Setting Industry Benchmarks

Snowman Logistics prides itself on setting operating benchmarks in the logistics industry, adapting seamlessly to evolving customer requirements and reinforcing its position as a leader in logistics services. The company operates 45 warehouses across 19 cities, including major markets like Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata, offering a wide range of cold chain logistical requirements to high-profile clients.

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