SNC-Lavalin led JV to offer flood mitigation support to US FEMA

SNC-Lavalin Group said that its STARR II joint venture (JV) has won a five-year indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, worth up to $300 million, to provide engineering and technical services for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

The STARR II JV, which has been offering services since 2014, will support the Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) program of FEMA.

Ian L. Edwards — President and CEO of SNC-Lavalin said: “Flooding continues to make costly impacts threatening life and property throughout communities around the world, including the devastating situation that we are witnessing in British Columbia.

“Deploying global capabilities locally, our experts continue to develop climate adaptation tools that help provide timely, useful information so that communities worldwide can prepare for and respond to flood risks.”

SNC-Lavalin led JV to offer flood mitigation support to US FEMA

SNC-Lavalin led JV to offer flood mitigation support to US FEMA. Photo courtesy of Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay.

The other partners in the JV led by SNC-Lavalin are Dewberry and Stantec. It will be responsible for providing support to FEMA throughout the western US.

The services delivered under the contract include mapping of regional flood hazards and risk management needed to produce accurate flood hazard data which will raise risk awareness and help in local mitigation efforts that minimize the loss of life and property.

According to SNC-Lavalin, studies, technical services, and other activities involved in the contract could include hydraulic and hydrologic engineering, floodplain mapping, mitigation plans, portfolio management, risk assessments of dam and levee, review of building codes, community engagement, and post-disaster help.

George Nash — CEO of Atkins North America, which is a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, said: “We have a long history working with FEMA, providing engineering and technical services related to Risk MAP. With the increasing frequency of devastating flooding events in parts of the country, our work for FEMA has taken on increased significance.

“As we work in close collaboration with our JV partners, we never lose focus on our common vision and purpose that is to reduce the loss of life and property caused by floods.’’

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