SK Telecom launches AI-powered veterinary X-ray diagnosis service in Australia


SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM), in collaboration with ATX Medical Solutions, officially launched its AI-based veterinary X-ray image diagnosis assistance service, ‘X Caliber’, in Australia. This cutting-edge service promises to transform veterinary diagnostics by leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze X-ray images of dogs and cats in approximately 15 seconds.

A Game Changer in Veterinary Medicine

X Caliber utilizes cloud technology to store and retrieve data, eliminating the need for dedicated servers within veterinary clinics. This allows veterinarians to access AI-driven diagnostic results on their mobile devices or PCs from any location at any time. The service boasts impressive sensitivity rates: 94% accuracy for detecting 16 different abnormal patterns in abdominal X-ray images of dogs, 88% for chest X-rays, and 86% for musculoskeletal X-ray images.

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Strategic Partnership and Beta Testing

Since forming a strategic partnership with ATX Medical Solutions in November 2023, SK Telecom has engaged in extensive beta testing to ensure the robustness and reliability of X Caliber. With today’s launch, the service is now available to over 100 veterinary clinics across Australia, a country known for its high pet ownership rates. In fact, over two-thirds of Australian households own pets, totaling around 29 million pets nationwide.

Expanding Horizons: National and International Opportunities

In addition to its Australian debut, X Caliber has been introduced to Indonesia through a commercial contract with MEDIVET Pet Hospital & Clinic, Indonesia’s largest premium veterinary hospital chain. This agreement marks a significant step towards expanding X Caliber’s footprint in Southeast Asia. SK Telecom is also actively providing beta services to veterinary clinics in North America, Europe, and Asia, furthering its reach in the global market.

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The introduction of X Caliber is set to significantly influence the veterinary industry by enhancing the speed and accuracy of diagnoses. This innovation not only improves the quality of care provided to pets but also offers a scalable solution that could be adapted for broader applications in animal health diagnostics.

Upcoming Events

SK Telecom and ATX will be showcasing X Caliber at the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Conference 2024 in Melbourne, which is one of the largest gatherings of veterinary professionals in the country. This event will provide an excellent platform for veterinary experts to witness the benefits of AI in veterinary medicine firsthand.

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The deployment of X Caliber in Australia and its expansion into Southeast Asia exemplifies the potential for AI to revolutionize traditional practices and enhance the standard of care in veterinary medicine.

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