Apothic Wines launches limited-edition Apothic Sparkling Red in US


Apothic Wines has rolled out its first-ever limited-edition Apothic Sparkling Red for red wine lovers in the US, as per the latest drinks industry news.

The scarlet sparkler was masterfully crafted to be surprisingly refreshing with its lines of ruby bubbles and its notes of bright cherries, zingy citrus, and red apples, according to the company.

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Heather Austin – director of marketing at Apothic Wines said: “Our fans love sparkling wine, but wish it could be less pretentious, less delicate and more flavorful.

“Apothic Sparkling Red is a complete departure from all things conventional sparkling wine. It’s not white, it’s unexpectedly red and surprisingly refreshing.

“It’s not arrogant or pretentious; it’s rocking out with friends or watching your favorite streaming show. And most importantly, it’s seriously good.”

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With the color of an iconic 80s red leather jacket, Apothic Sparkling Red is available in wine retailers nationwide for $15.99 (SRP).

Apothic Wines is a range of wines produced by California-based wine exporter E.J. Gallo. It released its debut wine Apothic Red in 2010.

Apothic Sparkling Red

The limited edition Apothic Sparkling Red from Apothic Wines. Photo courtesy of Apothic Wines.

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