Shocking Maryland mystery: Indian software engineer couple and son dead – What really happened?


In a horrifying turn of events, an Indian family was found lifeless in their Maryland home, sending shockwaves through both the Indian diaspora in the US and the homeland. As per the buzzing report from the Times of India, the victims – a couple and their innocent six-year-old son – originally hail from Karnataka’s Davanagere district. On the investigative front, while the Baltimore Police are leaning towards a gruesome double-murder and suicide theory, the dark motive behind this chilling tragedy remains shrouded in enigma.

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Diving deeper into this jigsaw of despair, the police spokesperson posits the man might have heart-wrenchingly killed his wife and son before meeting the same grim fate himself. Amplifying the mystery, the man’s distraught mother recounted a harrowing call from the authorities suggesting the family might have collectively chosen the path of suicide. She emotionally noted her recent interaction with the couple just a week prior, hinting at no apparent signs of distress.

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Intensifying the intrigue is the couple’s seemingly enviable life in the US. Having lived the American dream for nearly a decade, both were thriving as software engineers. Echoing their seemingly harmonious life, the man’s cousin adamantly stated that their marital ship was smoothly sailing.

Amidst this engulfing cloud of sorrow and speculation, the bereaved family is desperately seeking assistance from Indian officials to bring their loved ones back home. A beacon of hope emerges as a local police officer in Davanagere pledges unwavering support to the grieving kin during these harrowing times.

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