Servotech, EMCOR team up to amplify India’s EV charging infrastructure


Marking a pivotal stride in amplifying India’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, Servotech Power Systems Ltd., a leading NSE-listed EV charger manufacturer, has joined forces with EMCOR Power Solutions. This strategic alliance aims to pave the way for a seamless, well-equipped, and technologically advanced EV charging landscape. EMCOR Power Solutions, recognized for its groundbreaking EV charging CPO solutions and advanced batteries, is the Indian arm of Kuwait-based EMCOR International, acclaimed for its specialization in the Oil and Gas sector.

A cornerstone of this partnership is the commitment by EMCOR Power Solutions to furnish Servotech Power Systems with 1000 CPO sites spanning India. This vast network will provide the crucial backbone for the deployment of EV chargers, establishing a nationwide network that caters to the diverse power needs of diverse locales. The envisioned framework includes the roll-out of high-capacity 30kW, 60kW, and even greater DC fast EV chargers. Commencing in South India with the installation of 100 DC fast chargers, the initiative will then span across the entire country.

Redefining electric mobility: Servotech and EMCOR ink deal for advanced EV charging sites in India

Redefining electric mobility: Servotech and EMCOR ink deal for advanced EV charging sites in India. Photo courtesy of Servotech Power Systems

Raman Bhatia, the dynamic MD of Servotech Power Systems Ltd., shared his excitement, emphasizing that this partnership seeks to expedite the adoption of EVs across India. “With a lion’s share in the Indian EV charger market, our vision goes beyond just state-of-the-art chargers. It’s about crafting a robust, accessible, and forward-thinking EV charging infrastructure. Our expertise, coupled with our commitment to quality and affordability, ensures that this collaboration is poised for tremendous success.”

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Echoing these sentiments, Byju Kuniyil, MD of EMCOR Power solutions & EMCOR International GTC, Kuwait, elucidated, “In the journey towards sustainable mobility, forging key partnerships is crucial. As a trailblazer in sustainable energy and power solutions, our mission is to infuse the EV charging domain with world-class expertise and next-gen tech. We’re geared up to make a tangible difference in India’s EV landscape through this landmark alliance.”

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This partnership heralds a new era in India’s quest for an efficient, comprehensive, and technologically advanced EV charging infrastructure, promising a brighter and more sustainable future for the country’s mobility needs.

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