Sensational Lok Sabha debate reveals Sonia Gandhi’s 2012 confrontation over women’s reservation bill


In an electrifying session of the Lok Sabha that will go down in history, BJP Member of Parliament Nishikant Dubey unleashed a bombshell! He claims Congress leader Sonia Gandhi once “tried to grab the collar” of a Samajwadi Party member during a heated 2012 parliamentary debate over the Women’s Reservation Bill. The drama unfolded as Dubey, representing the Godda parliament seat in Jharkhand, spearheaded the debate for the ruling party.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey Shakes the House with Shocking Accusations!

Dubey recounted how in 2012, Yashveer Singh, a Samajwadi Party MP, interrupted Lok Sabha proceedings by snatching the bill from the hands of Congress leader V. Narayanasamy. According to Dubey, Sonia Gandhi leapt to action and tried to physically confront Singh to retrieve the documents. “You are not the dictator here, you’re not the queen,” Dubey claimed he told Sonia Gandhi at that moment. He further cited Mulayam Singh Yadav, the then-Samajwadi Party chief, who supposedly said that his MPs would have been in danger if the BJP hadn’t stepped in.

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Gender Roles in Politics Spark Fiery Debate

The debate took another sensational turn when opposition MPs demanded that a female MP should lead the BJP’s side in discussing the Women’s Reservation Bill. Home Minister Amit Shah raised eyebrows with his response, questioning whether men could not speak on women’s issues. Dubey didn’t stop there. He questioned why Sonia Gandhi conveniently forgot to mention the pivotal roles of Geeta Mukherjee and BJP’s Sushma Swaraj in the fight for the Women’s Reservation Bill, accusing her of playing selective politics.

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The bill, aimed at providing a 33% reservation for women in both the Lok Sabha and state assemblies, had been tabled the previous day. If you thought politics was a quiet affair, think again. The Lok Sabha has turned into a high-octane arena, and we’re all here for it!

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