NLC India launches biomass co-firing at thermal power station in Tuticorin


NLC India Limited (NLCIL) has embarked on a sustainable journey in thermal power generation by starting biomass co-firing at its coal-based NLC Tamilnadu Power Limited (NTPL) station in Tuticorin, aligning with the Ministry of Power (MoP) guidelines. The inauguration of this environmentally-conscious initiative took place on 5 December 2023.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

  • Initiative: Biomass co-firing in coal-based thermal power stations.
  • Location: NTPL, Tuticorin.
  • Advantages: This step not only reduces coal consumption but also effectively utilizes waste biomass. It’s expected to yield significant benefits like decreased biomass waste and reduced coal use in thermal power stations, along with potential carbon credits.
  • Agricultural Impact: The initiative addresses agricultural waste management by converting stubble waste, traditionally burnt without usage, into pelletized form for blending with coal.
NLC India Limited Initiates Biomass Co-Firing at Thermal Power Station in Tuticorin

NLC India Limited Initiates Biomass Co-Firing at Thermal Power Station in Tuticorin

Strategic Workshop and Implementation

NLCIL recently hosted a regional-level workshop in Neyveli on “Use of Biomass for Co-firing in Thermal Power Plants.” The event brought together power plant operators, policymakers, experts, and pellet manufacturers to explore the concept comprehensively. Insights gained from this workshop were pivotal in realizing the concept of co-firing at the Tuticorin station.

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Leadership’s Perspective

Prasanna Kumar Motupalli, Chairman and Managing Director of NLCIL and Chairman of NTPL, inaugurated the operation and emphasized the significance of biomass co-firing in thermal power stations, highlighting its environmental benefits and the potential for earning carbon credits.

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