From protector to perpetrator: Telangana cop accused of stalking


In a sensational development in Telangana, a high-ranking police official from the Crime Investigation Department finds himself at the center of a chilling stalking allegation. A case has been lodged against the Superintendent of Police under IPC Section 354-D, which pertains to stalking, following a complaint by a woman employed by a state-run Power Distribution Company.

According to the woman’s complaint, the police official had initially approached her at Saroornagar Stadium in the city, where she was preparing for national competitions. Using his position of authority, he invited her to attend classes he claimed they were conducting. He obtained her phone number under the pretext of communication regarding these classes.

Senior Telangana cop under investigation for alleged stalking incident

Senior Telangana cop under investigation for alleged stalking incident. Image courtesy of BestGraphics_Com from Pixabay.

The complaint further outlined an escalating series of inappropriate actions by the official. He allegedly began sending her romantic old Hindi songs, quotations, saree pictures, and videos. Disturbingly, he also requested her photo and insisted she wear a saree to classes. Feeling increasingly uncomfortable, the woman ceased responding to the official for a year.

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However, when she reached out to him regarding an accident case recently, the official reportedly reiterated his desire to maintain a ‘friendship’ with her and threatened to stay away otherwise.

As the allegations against the police official gain momentum, authorities have initiated an investigation into the case. The incident has sent shockwaves through the state, raising serious questions about abuse of power and the safety of women.

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