Scanco Software acquires WithoutWire Inventory to enhance supply chain management solutions


Scanco Software, LLC, a pioneer in providing innovative software solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries, has announced the strategic acquisition of Appolis, LLC (doing business as WithoutWire Inventory). This significant merger aims to fortify Scanco’s position in the market by integrating WithoutWire’s advanced inventory management systems into its existing suite of solutions. WithoutWire is renowned for its specialized warehouse management systems within the Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle NetSuite ecosystems.

The acquisition marks a pivotal development in Scanco’s growth strategy, positioning the company to better serve both Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite users, while also offering expanded capabilities to its existing Sage customers. The integration of WithoutWire’s technology will provide Scanco’s customer base with a robust platform capable of handling higher transaction volumes and a range of new features, including enhanced field service functionalities.

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Strategic Expansion and Technological Synergy

Scanco’s President and CEO, Andy Nunez, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership, stating, “Our goal is to establish a powerhouse in supply chain management that sets new standards of excellence and delivers unparalleled value to our customers, partners, and stakeholders. This acquisition is a strategic move towards providing a unified platform that integrates order, warehouse/production, and shipping management into a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain management tool.”

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Travis Smith, Founder of WithoutWire, also commented on the merger’s potential, “This merger with Scanco unlocks significant opportunities to expand our partner network and ecosystem. Our core mission has always been to deliver outstanding software. By merging our deep expertise and robust delivery capabilities with Scanco’s impressive sales and partner community, we can significantly enhance our market presence. We are excited to continue innovating and delivering exceptional products that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Commitment to Market Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

Ted Wong, who leads software and technology investing at Firmament, supported the acquisition, stating, “Our vision for Scanco is to create a market-leading software and services provider for small-to-medium-sized businesses across ERP ecosystems. We are truly excited to support Scanco in its acquisition of WithoutWire and to see them work together to deliver a comprehensive solution suite for customers.”

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The merger not only signifies a robust response to the increasing demand for integrated supply chain solutions but also reinforces Scanco’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the competitive ERP software market. By incorporating WithoutWire’s expertise, Scanco is set to enhance its offerings and provide more dynamic and comprehensive solutions to its clients.

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