Crisp expands retail data capabilities with acquisitions of SetSight and Lumidata


In a strategic expansion of its retail data analytics capabilities, Crisp, the innovative open data platform serving the consumer goods industry, has announced the acquisition of two Minneapolis-based companies, SetSight and Lumidata. These acquisitions are set to significantly enhance Crisp’s ability to provide comprehensive sales and supply chain data to consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands operating through major retail chains like Target and Best Buy.

Enhanced Data Analytics for CPG Brands

SetSight and Lumidata, both known for their robust analytics and insights services, cater to retail agencies, brokers, and consumer goods brands, collectively supporting over 2500 CPG brands. By integrating these companies into its platform, Crisp aims to extend its analytics capabilities, thus improving how CPGs and retailers utilize data to streamline supply chain management and accelerate business growth.

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This move comes on the heels of Crisp’s recent acquisition of Atlas from Advantage Solutions, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, which already expanded Crisp’s footprint in the retail data sector. With the inclusion of SetSight and Lumidata, Crisp will now offer even greater visibility into product performance across thousands of store locations, enabling brands to optimize inventory, merchandising, and marketing strategies more effectively within a unified platform.

A Vision for Data-Driven Retail Optimization

Are Traasdahl, founder and CEO of Crisp, emphasized the strategic importance of these acquisitions: “For CPG brands to effectively use retail data to optimize how they meet consumer demand based on real-time behavioral changes has been challenging to implement at scale. Now it’s possible for thousands of brands working with the world’s largest retailers to leverage the latest data across the enterprise.”

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The integration of SetSight and Lumidata into Crisp’s platform is expected to address several pressing challenges for CPG brands. These include maintaining optimal inventory levels, ensuring shelves are well-stocked, and aligning supply with fluctuating consumer demands across various channels. By providing real-time access to a unified view of channel data, Crisp enables departments within CPG brands to quickly identify stock discrepancies and tailor inventory and marketing strategies accordingly.

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The Future of Retail Data Analytics

As individual retail chains continue to make their data more accessible to their CPG partners, the need for a comprehensive view of business operations becomes increasingly critical. Crisp’s enhanced platform promises to offer this by facilitating better inventory management, reducing food waste, and improving consumer satisfaction through efficient business practices.

About Crisp

Crisp offers an open data platform designed specifically for the consumer goods industry, focusing on optimizing retail operations through advanced data analytics. The company’s innovative approach helps connect and streamline various aspects of retail and supply chain management, fostering better business decisions and promoting sustainable practices.

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